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The BUSINESS FACTORY supported a very enthusiastic and highly experienced professional starting up a coaching business.

After involving the BUSINESS FACTORY team, the coaching business took off to new hights, allowing the professional to share his knowledge and expertise and reach a lot more people.



In an early assessment the uniqueness and expertise of the coach was distilled from all the different ideas and concepts the professional had in mind. A focussed service proposition was developed and translated into a whole marketing concept.

The website and collateral was developed together with the professional, leading to a clear message the customers understood. Over time the whole concept evolved further, taking into account the successes and feedback of the early customers served.

In an ongoing coaching and accountability package, the BUSINESS FACTORY helps this professional to keep up success habits, stay focussed, keep the fundamentals in and grow the business even further.  


The BUSINESS FACTORY helped a highly skilled corporate employee to set up his own successful consulting practice.

The BUSINESS FACTORY team was  involved in the whole process and delivered the necessary services to allow for a successful launch constant growth and sustained success. Until this day the entrepreneur is relying on the BUSINESS FACTORY to strategize regarding the growth of his company, to build and train his high-performance team, to hold him accountable on a regular basis and to keep him sharp and on top of the game.


The market environment was analysed and the business plan was assembled together with the entrepreneur. The website was designed and texted and a strategy was formed to get the first customers.

The entrepreneur was coached and held accountable to make sure that all aspects of the customer experience were excellent and that the sales pipeline was enlarged and remained full.

The team was built up by finding and assessing new team members, performing an initiation workshop with new team members and regular trainings of the whole team to instill new skillsets.

The business model is re-adjusted on a regular basis to allow for consistent growth and expansion of the business.


The BUSINESS FACTORY supported a team of entrepreneurs starting up a business and growing the business to an international level.

The BUSINESS FACTORY team was  involved in the start-up phase and accompanies the team in further business development on a regular basis, delivering various services to allow for quick launches, a right-sized infrastructure, a sound and evolving basis of fundamentals, a clear message to the customers and continuing growth.



In a kick-off workshop and further discussions the business model of the team was streamlined to meet a real market demand and to allow for quick and profitable implementation.

A comprehensive sales pitch was developed, helping to bring customers, suppliers, investors and employees on board.

The team was built and grown together with the management team to allow for fast and sustainable business growth.

The growing team is trained on a regular basis to keep the group sharp and involved in the constant changes that a fast growing company has to go through to be successful in conquering the identified markets.

Further training, coaching and business development services are performed by the BUSINESS FACTORY to allow to enter new markets and new fields of business on an international stage.


The BUSINESS FACTORY supported a major German utility (one of the top 3 utilities in Europe) in a EUR 14m marketing campaign launching a new service.

The BUSINESS FACTORY team was involved right from the start and delivered various services to allow for an on-time launch with day-one readiness.



The whole concept was streamlined and the business plan was assembled. The website was designed and texted, the company's CRM system set up for the business unit as well as adapted to the needs of the service specifics and the customer contracts were assembled and agreed with legal.

The subcontractors were identified and evaluated, service level agreements were negotiated and the assigned personnel was trained and onboarded.

The service delivery was coordinated, supervised and quality controlled.

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